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Technical requirements

To use GIS@WEB correctly, please note the following technical requirements:

Supported browsers:
Internet Explorer from 8.x (Compatibility mode must be deactivated)
Mozilla Firefox from 3.6.x
Google Chrome from 15.0
Safari from 5.0

Cookies must be activated.

JavaScript must be activated.

Activate cookies in Internet Explorer:
Select 'Tools -> Internet options'. Go to 'Privacy' tab.
Choose 'Standard' or set the slider of privacy settings to 'Medium'. Confirm with 'OK'.

Activate JavaScript:
Select 'Tools -> Internet Options'. Go to 'Security' tab and click 'Custom level'. Go to item 'Scripting -> Active scripting' and click 'Enable'.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

Phone: +49 531 212-4199
E-Mail: gisvertriebsupport@vwfs.com